Autowatch 555 CLAM

Autowatch Product range

Autowatch Product range

The 555 CLAM  is an upgrade alarm from Autowatch, it features the same battery back-up siren found on the 446RLi Premium and also has a small attack proof security housing.

As with all upgrade alarms the 555 CLAM is designed to operate from using your factory remote control  (read the Upgrade Alarm Introduction post for a better understanding).

The Autowatch comes with a glass break sensor as standard (in New Zealand) but this can be changed depending on your requirements. In Europe the 555 CLAM comes with Ultrasonics and is approved as a Thatcham CAT 2-1 upgrade alarm.

Intelligent alarm!

The 555 CLAM is intelligent, where lesser upgrade alarms simply monitor the signal wires to arm and dis-arm (see Mongoose and Dynatron in the coming weeks) the Autowatch can actually learns the timing sequence. This makes it a great alarm for any competent installer and if fitted correctly makes it impossible to trick into disarming by sly methods!

Volatile Memory Issue! 

Having said that I highly recommend installing the 555CLAM in what Autowatch call “Master Motor Mode” where possible. The 555CLAM has an issue where it can lose it’s programming memory if the battery is slowly discharged. It seems OK if the battery is disconnected when fully charged, but if left to go flat over a period of time the alarm programming is often reset.

Remote Boot Bypass

The 555 CLAM has a boot sense wire which means that if your factory remote has a boot open button then the Autowatch will disarm the boot and the internal sensor when it is pressed (leaving the main doors still armed), then fully re-arm upon shutting the boot.

Other Features

The key guard feature (Note: it is only an option) is a nice idea on paper. It involves having to press a hidden switch every time you start the car, in reality this is going to become annoying and will end up being turned off! Cobras Drivers card is a far more sophisticated way of guarding your keys against theft.

Horrid emergency over-ride!

One of the weak points with the 555CLAM is the pin code over-ride. It requires turning the ignition on, then pressing the over-ride switch to start entering the code (see user manual for full details). The switch is ugly so it’s not realistic to place is in a nice location. I’ve seen some installers place them installed behind the glove box before now making it mission impossible to for the user should they ever need it! It really could have been better thought out.

The door inputs also need to be boosted with a relays on some cars to trigger the alarm. Whilst this is not a problem for the user it is annoying from an installers point of view.

Autowatch 555CLAM!!!

Autowatch 555 CLAM

RRP NZ: $570.00

Insurance Approved

Obsessive Rating: A versatile alarm which is very effective!

Would be great to see it come with a pager out-put, and the over-ride pin code needs a better design, but on the whole a good alarm so long as you don’t let your battery drain!




Additional Information:

Diagnostic Alarm Trigger Reports

PDF icon555 CLAM User Manual

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31 Responses to Autowatch 555 CLAM

  1. johan says:

    Hi,i have fitted a 555 Clam in my 2012 Hyuandai Accent,like one of the others also said that the annoying chips when arming and dis-arming,i then asked the installer in Cape Town to mute the sound.They say it is not advisable because it will course problems,please advise.

  2. Julian Julian says:

    Hi John,

    The chirps can be turned off with out any problems. I always program arm/disarm chirps to be off unless otherwise requested and have never had any issues from doing this.

    You should be having this conversation with your installer. I’d ask your installer to explain what problems they think it will cause? Let me know what reason they give you! 😉

  3. Hill says:

    Hi Larry.
    I had the same alarm installed in a 2012 Micra. Installer also told me he couldnt rurn off the arm/disarm chirps. Can you please tell me how to than I can try it myself. Thanks

  4. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Hill.

    Who the hell is Larry?

    I don’t give out programming instructions as if you get it wrong you can damage both the alarm and the vehicle. Take it back to your installer as he has a responsibility to service the alarm under warranty and program it as requested.

    The arm/disarm chirps can be programmed on/off, if your installer won’t do it then complain to Autowatch an have them put the thumb screws on him 😉

  5. Josh says:


    My Auto Watch 555 CLAM alarm was set to arm, while I went on holiday.

    My car battery discharged over the period and I think the alarm has been reset as a result. When I turn the vehicle off I get a single fast chirp, but arming/disarming only locks the doors and flashes the lights (no chirps).

    Who could you recommend in Auckland who can reprogram? Would appreciate your help. Thanks for running this site, it’s a great reference tool.

  6. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Josh,

    The 555 CLAM has a volatile memory where it will lose its programming if the battery slowly drains. I’ll only wire them up to work on the default programming mode these days, this way there is never an issue 😉

    Give Kishor at Autowatch NZ a call, he should be able to sort it out for you.


  7. Stephan Steyn says:

    Hi, is it Really nessesary to fit an relay if I want to use the horn pulse feature? Since it will only trigger the factory relay for the factory horn. Thanks

  8. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Stephan,

    I don’t recall saying that a relay is required for the horn pulse feature so I’m assuming that you are an installer looking at the wiring diagram?

  9. Stephan Steyn says:

    Yes, I am looking at the Diagram and on it it says: If horn pulse is required connect via a relay, My thoughts are that If you are going to use the factory horn trigger wire of the vehicle from the horn switch in the car it is not needed. or is it required because It cant handle the backfeed if you press the car horn manually and it recieves an input


  10. Koos Schnetler says:

    My Hilux battery went down slowly and we tried to jump start the battery as the hilux is auto and then the alarm activated of the 555 clam and we could not start the vehicle and got the installer to come out and he blamed us jump start the hilux and had to bypass and removed the 555 clam unit that according to the installer is blown due to jump start.

  11. Julian Julian says:

    If the battery slowly discharges the 555 CLAM can lose it’s programming memory. The best fix would have been to simply re-program it, or to have had it wired up to work with the default programming setting so that it will still work even if this happens.

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