Autowatch 446RLi Premium

Autowatch Product range

Autowatch Product range

The 446RLi Premium is the top model in the Autowatch Range.

The impressive thing about it is how small the alarm module is, like most other products from Autowatch the alarm module is a joy to install as its small size is far easier to hide than most other alarms out there. It also has an attack proof security housing which is another plus seeing that the Immobiliser connections are housed inside.

The 446RLi Premium makes the competition look clumsy!

446RLi Premium between SS440 and Mongoose M60

446RLi Premium between SS440 and Mongoose M60


Autowatch have an excellent Digital Battery Back-up Siren which has a very unique sound (The arm/disarm tones can be heard in the dome fade video below). Being a true digital siren it has no over-ride key to worry about and can therefore be hidden by the installer. If the siren can-not be got at then it can not be ripped out of the engine bay or muted. Having said that this will only be possible if the installer has really made a big effort to hide it and I suggest that this should be discussed before the installation is carried out.


Siren hidden in bumper (hard to get at!)

Siren hidden in bumper (hard to get at!)

Great Remote Controls

The four button remote is pleasing to the eye and the separate lock and unlock buttons are clean and simple to use. Personally I find it annoying when remotes with multiple buttons only have a single button to lock and unlock the car. It just seems pointless having a garage door open button etc when 99 times out of 100 it is never going to get used!

Another cool feature of the 446RLi Premium is its ability to accept Wireless P.I.R. Sensors or Wireless Reed Switches which is perfect for protecting tools in Ute Canopies or Trucks where running cables would normally be mission.

Versatile Program Features


446RLi Premium

One of the quirky things I really like about the 446RLi Premium is how many programmable features it has, take the central locking for example; it will support a double lock pulse which is great for cars like the Holden Commodore where it can lock and then deadlock the car with only 1 press of the lock button.

The alarm also supports selective unlocking and has boot pop and full window closure options built in.

Dome Fade output

Another nice feature is the dome light output which turns the internal light on when the alarm is disarmed as well as when the ignition is turned off. It may not sound like a big deal but it’s nice to have when you pull up in your drive at night.

Built in Turbo Timer

The built in Turbo timer works well and gives the user the option of turning it off with the remote. The only thing I find annoying is that you can’t have boot pop and Turbo run on selected together, it is either one or the other. The same goes for  the pager out-put, you can either select it as a feature or have window closure but not both. OK I’m being very picky here but I do like my toys.

446RLi Premium remote

446RLi Premium Remote: Battery # A23

RRP NZ$700.00

Insurance Approved:

AS/NZ Immobiliser / Alarm Standards
3749-1-2003 Class A Certified

Obsessive Rating: Highly recommended

Good features and a great alarm for the price!





* Turbo Timer option is not available with Boot pop

** Power Window hook-up is not available with Pager Output

Additional Information:

Diagnostic Alarm Trigger Reports

PDF icon446RLi Premium User Manual

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54 Responses to Autowatch 446RLi Premium

  1. stuart says:

    hi julian,

    i have a 446 premium in my hiace super custom, i have two question, firstley the led has stopped flashing, the alarm works fine and so does the led , it appears that the signal from the brain has stopped woring, where in tauranga could i get this sorted and secondly id like to add a internal pizzo siren, in the past i have wired it parralell with the siren out put, i see the white wire is a siren out put will this be ok directly hooked up to a pizzo siren, also where can i get another remote.

    thanks for your time and effort.

    regards stu

  2. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Stu,

    It sounds like the LED plug may have been pulled out of the alarm . This can easily happen with all Autowatch systems if they are tampered with or the cables get pulled.
    The LED plug (and sensor cable) are external to the security housing. Personally I always put a loop the cable to prevent this from happening.

    I have not had any experience with installers from Tauranga so I would suggest you ask Kishor at Autowatch who your nearest dealer is.

    In Regards to the siren, don’t hook up to the White siren wire as it will only work with the supplied Autowatch Siren and you may damage the alarm.

    The 446 Premium has a Pager out-put that can be used to run internal sirens via a relay. It will need to be programmed to do this by an Autowatch dealer. Autowatch will not allow wiring diagrams to be made available to the public.

  3. jase says:

    who would be the best in christchurch to buy off/install?


  4. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Jase

    GRC Car Audio are the Autowatch dealer for Christchurch

  5. Pauline Atong says:

    hi there
    My car won’t start or lock since I have changed my car battery the alarm is off also wat must I do to fix this Plz I need my car

  6. Julian Julian says:

    Normally when you connect a good working battery the alarm will work fine.

    Start out with the following:

    Does the alarm arm/disarm?
    Why did the old battery need replacing?
    Are you sure your new battery is good? If not take a multi meter to it a check the voltage.
    What makes you think it is the alarm that is preventing the car from starting?

  7. Lettie says:

    Was wondering if you can help…
    We have a 1998 Nissan Wingroad with an old alarm which appears to be an Autowatch with a peanut button fob (we only have one). The car used to make a bleeping noise when we opened it with the fob and then stopped doing that, then a month or so later we found ourselves locked out of the car. We opened it with the key but couldn’t get the immobiliser off – the alarm didn’t seem to be a problem. We replaced the batteries in the fob and the car opened with bleeping noise and immobiliser off and the car worked fine, which was great. However, the next time I came to use the car the fob wouldn’t work again. This time when I opened the car with the key I set the alarm off as well. The light on the fob is still working but has no effect on the car.
    As a starting point, does this sound like the fob or the car itself?? Any advice would be much appreciated!!
    Many thanks

  8. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Lettie,

    My advice is to book your car in with an Autowatch dealer so they can give the alarm the once over.

    It would also be wise to have a spare remote and to know what your PIN code over-ride number is, this way you’ll be able to start the car if you have a faulty remote.

  9. Lettie says:

    Thanks. I’ve been trying to override the immobiliser as I have the instructions on how to do this. Have taken the bottom of the steering column off but can’t seem to find the correct box to find the code. Have tried a couple of 5 digit numbers that I found on a black plastic box but it’s not working, so can’t be the right numbers… Will keep hunting but if not will try a dealer. Cheers.

  10. Julian Julian says:

    It’s not meant to be easy as it would defeat the point of having an effective immobilsier! The 5 digit security number is inside the security housing. The theory being if you have got past the case you can by-pass the immobiliser anyway…

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  13. Natalie says:

    Hi we have just purchased a new car and it has an Auto Watch key pad with it. Mine has a button with a dot another button with 2 dots and a button with a number one in it a button with a number 2 in it 🙂 I know the dotted ones lock and unlock the car but can you please tell me what the number 1 and 2 buttons do

  14. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Natalie,

    It would probably help if you sent a photo as your description is not ringing any bells. If it’s not one of the remote controls I have on the remote page then it may not be one I’m familiar with.

    I notice that your email address is a one. Have you tried contacting Autowatch your side of the ditch?

  15. Phil says:

    i have 3 cars with the autowatch alarms 1 is a 456 RLi(is going to go into my project car) the other is a 446 RLi thats in my daily driver, the problem is i have just added a turbo to my car with the 446RLi, looked the alarm up and its got a turbo function i would LOVE to wire it in myself but to do that i would need a wiring diagram for the 446RLi where do i get a wiring diagram from?

    i do not want to pay $100’s for a sound and alarm junkie to do it for me(im a car mechanic and know my electrics)

    also i have a wiring diagram for the 456RLi but its not very clear to read or see, would be cool if i can find a better diagram

    any help would be greatly appreciated

  16. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Phil,

    Autowatch alarm wiring information is not available for public distribution.
    I’m sure you can understand why it would not be cool if I started hand such info out to car thieves!

    I would suggest you find an “alarm junkie” and pay them some coin.

  17. PIERRE says:

    Hi my remote fell hard on the floor and the cover came lose with the printed circut falling
    outside after assembling the unit the red light did not work .ithen had the remote repaired at a dealer the red light now works fine but still no signal they now claim the fault is in car which was 100% before the fall.what how can i test my remote myself as i belief they missing something apart from charging me

  18. Julian Julian says:

    Did the dealer make sure that the remote was transmitting? Any decent installer will have a remote frequency tester which they can use to test the remote.

    Personally I don’t charge for jobs that I can’t complete as it breaches the fair trading act!

  19. freddie says:

    Hi Julian
    I found this site today with valuable info( pity to late for me). I have a Volkswagen Polo Playa 1.6i 2000 model. Fortunately i lost my keys with remote and were stranded. Towed my car home and replaced ignition and keys, immobilizer activated on vehicle so still stuck. Then deci ded to remove the the alarm system. Managed that and car starts but cuts off immediatly. My system is the 446Rli with what i believe is the pincode (66XXX) *Edited*. Any idea as to why the vehicle just cuts off.

  20. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Freddie,

    First off it’s not a great idea to publish your alarms over-ride pin number. I’m sure you can work out why! I’ve now censored it for you!

    Your 2000 Polo should have a factory transponder immobiliser so either you are trying to start the car with an un-chipped key or you’ve not done a very good job with removing the Autowatch immobiliser. Either way I suggest that you contact someone local to look at the car for you.

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