Autowatch 446RLi Premium

Autowatch Product range

Autowatch Product range

The 446RLi Premium is the top model in the Autowatch Range.

The impressive thing about it is how small the alarm module is, like most other products from Autowatch the alarm module is a joy to install as its small size is far easier to hide than most other alarms out there. It also has an attack proof security housing which is another plus seeing that the Immobiliser connections are housed inside.

The 446RLi Premium makes the competition look clumsy!

446RLi Premium between SS440 and Mongoose M60

446RLi Premium between SS440 and Mongoose M60


Autowatch have an excellent Digital Battery Back-up Siren which has a very unique sound (The arm/disarm tones can be heard in the dome fade video below). Being a true digital siren it has no over-ride key to worry about and can therefore be hidden by the installer. If the siren can-not be got at then it can not be ripped out of the engine bay or muted. Having said that this will only be possible if the installer has really made a big effort to hide it and I suggest that this should be discussed before the installation is carried out.


Siren hidden in bumper (hard to get at!)

Siren hidden in bumper (hard to get at!)

Great Remote Controls

The four button remote is pleasing to the eye and the separate lock and unlock buttons are clean and simple to use. Personally I find it annoying when remotes with multiple buttons only have a single button to lock and unlock the car. It just seems pointless having a garage door open button etc when 99 times out of 100 it is never going to get used!

Another cool feature of the 446RLi Premium is its ability to accept Wireless P.I.R. Sensors or Wireless Reed Switches which is perfect for protecting tools in Ute Canopies or Trucks where running cables would normally be mission.

Versatile Program Features


446RLi Premium

One of the quirky things I really like about the 446RLi Premium is how many programmable features it has, take the central locking for example; it will support a double lock pulse which is great for cars like the Holden Commodore where it can lock and then deadlock the car with only 1 press of the lock button.

The alarm also supports selective unlocking and has boot pop and full window closure options built in.

Dome Fade output

Another nice feature is the dome light output which turns the internal light on when the alarm is disarmed as well as when the ignition is turned off. It may not sound like a big deal but it’s nice to have when you pull up in your drive at night.

Built in Turbo Timer

The built in Turbo timer works well and gives the user the option of turning it off with the remote. The only thing I find annoying is that you can’t have boot pop and Turbo run on selected together, it is either one or the other. The same goes for  the pager out-put, you can either select it as a feature or have window closure but not both. OK I’m being very picky here but I do like my toys.

446RLi Premium remote

446RLi Premium Remote: Battery # A23

RRP NZ$700.00

Insurance Approved:

AS/NZ Immobiliser / Alarm Standards
3749-1-2003 Class A Certified

Obsessive Rating: Highly recommended

Good features and a great alarm for the price!





* Turbo Timer option is not available with Boot pop

** Power Window hook-up is not available with Pager Output

Additional Information:

Diagnostic Alarm Trigger Reports

PDF icon446RLi Premium User Manual

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54 Responses to Autowatch 446RLi Premium

  1. brian says:

    is the alarm available in Nairobi, Kenya?

  2. Julian Julian says:

    Not through me as I only sell alarms with installation. Can’t say that I’ve been to Kenya. This post should help explain why I don’t know:

  3. Martin says:

    I have a Autowatch 446RLi alarm system in my Nissan Van.
    Usually all doors lock when alarm armed and drivers door opens with first press and the other doors on second press.
    My problem is that out of the blue opening is no problem, but when locking nothing happens and has to be locked by hand. Otherwise alarm system working as normal exept for this locking problem
    Can anybody out there PLEASE help or give advice


  4. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Martin,

    The 446RLi Premium (also known as the 457RLi internationally) the following advice applies:

    If the alarm has door open warning chirps turned on then the doors will not lock if a door, boot or bonnet is left open. You’ll hear three double chirps after arming if this is the case. If so then check all switches, especially the bonnet switch. Note: you don’t get this feature with the 446RiS or the single button remote version of the 446RLi alarm.

    If it is not because of a door being seen as open then you may have a poor wiring connection or a intermittent relay.

  5. Yuga says:

    so, i was trying to program the alarm to silence the locking and unlocking the car from the super annoying chirp..

    and suddenly the led just keep flashing on ignition on position.

    i does not recognize the ignition, car wont start.
    check the ignition relay and fuse still good.

    usually they flashing when not on ignition position
    and stay steady in ingnition on position

    i try to bypass using 5 digit security code but it was unable due to the led keep flashing.

    try to disconnect the 446rli and reconnect it again it still flashing and wont start the car..

    really pain in the ass..

    is there any way to reset the device?

    please help me somebody who understand about it.. how to make it work before i send it to autowatch dealer.

    car is r33 gtst

  6. Julian Julian says:

    Changing the setting on these alarms should only be done by a qualified Autowatch dealer. The reason for this is that changing the wrong thing has the potential to damage both the alarm and the vehicle. This is why programming instructions are not published.

    As an installer I’m happy to change the settings on the alarms to my customers cars to their preference for free. It’s called after sales service.

    My advice is use your local dealer to sort it out. Hopefully this will be a warning to others not to dabble with them!

  7. Nimantha says:

    I have a single button remote version of the 446RLi alarm for my car. I tried to turn on the turbo timer using 5,5 selection option command.but it didn’t work didn’t come up a beef sound from the alarm. Also I tried to turn ion the auto arming option because i need to lock the doors automatically whenever i have taken out the key . Could you please tell me the problem with my alarm? thanks..

  8. Julian Julian says:

    First off programming should only be attempted by qualified Autowatch technicians. You can potentially damage both the cars electronics and the alarm if you select the wrong option. Installation instructions are also “dealer only”.

    The turbo timer requires the alarm to be wired up in a differently. Only the 446Rli Premium supports this in NZ, the Autowatch 446RiS (Single button version) does not have this as an option.

  9. Jtzll says:

    I have a single remote Auto Watch 446Rli car alarm on my 1997 Honda Ballade Luxline (S04) and I’ve been have a problem lately where at first, the car alarm would just go off for no apparent reason after locking the car for about 2-5 minutes. My remote function is only to enable and disable and simultaneously lock my car when I press it. If I turn ON the ignition, I need to press a hidden separate button to disable the immobilizer otherwise the car will turn itself off if that hidden button is not pressed after three warning beeps after turning the engine ON. I could never figure out why my alarm would just go off for no apparent reason when the car was parked so at some point, I just started locking the car manually and then when I need to open the car, I would use the remote to first lock and then unlock it again. And now all of a sudden, my car lock system just doesn’t work when I try to unlock the car, it’s just not responsive to the remote at all, I would lock it with the remote and it would work ok but then when I need to open the car, absolutely nothing happens and then when I open the car manually by opening the door with a key, the car sometimes doesn’t start unless I open the bonnet and remove the car battery connection and then reconnect it again. I got fed up with this as the first time it happened, I checked all the fuses and they seemed fine and also replaced the remote battery with a new ones, there was one fuse that would make it work at that time if I removed it and then installed it again but then last night the same problem happened, I removed the same fuse (I think it was a “keyless” fuse) and installed it again and it did nothing at all.
    Today I opened under the dashboard and saw that the mobilizer unit was an “Auto watch 446Rli. I Don’t know what to do anymore because I bought the car second hand and it came with this unit installed so I’m not even sure which place to go to to get this problem solved. Another question I have is, is it possible to replace the remote or add a second one in case the one I have gets lost because it’s just one.
    Can some out there please help because I don’t really have money to fix this problem for one and it’s really annoying. Thanks in advance if you see and take the time o respond to this Julian

  10. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Jtzll,

    From your IP Address is looks like you are in South Africa. I only cover Wellington which is in New Zealand (Home of the All Blacks who you’ll be playing in the Semi Finals next weekend).

    It sounds like the alarm is programmed for Hijack mode, but I’d need to look at the car to be able to see what is happening. Getting a new remote should be easy however I don’t ship over seas so contact PFK Electronics who should be able to put you in touch with your local Autowatch dealer.

  11. Matai says:

    I have installed an Autowatch 446 RLi Alarm system in my car. I want instruction to dis arm the system prior to giving the car for service so I dont reveal the reset switch location to anyone.
    Please assist me with the correct information to dis-arm and enable once service is done.

    Thank you for your help.

  12. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Matai,

    Read the user manual. It’s at the end of the review in PDF format if you don’t have your copy of it.

  13. russell says:

    Hi I have an auto watch 446RLi (AU) alarm mobiliser Does this have the turbo timer function and if not how do I wire a turbo timer to work and not be shut off by the 45 second delay on the immobiliser

  14. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Russell,

    The 446RLi (AU) is known as the 446RiS or RiSG here in NZ.

    It does not have a built in turbo timer option like the 446RLi Premium.

    If you add an external turbo timer then you will not be able to arm the alarm until it stops running.
    This post covers alarms and turbo timers:

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