Autowatch 446RiS, 446RiSG

Autowatch Product range

Autowatch Product range

The 446RiS is a 4 star alarm made by Autowatch, the 446RiSG is the same alarm but with an added glass break sensor. It’s also known as the 446RLi (AU).

Like the 446RLi Premium the 446RiS has a very small and neat alarm module which is made to comply with Thatcham standards and has an attack proof security housing.

The Siren has a very distinctive sound with soft arm/disarm chirps, yet it can also draw plenty of attention if it needs to. The 446RiS has most of the features that you would expect from a decent alarm system without going over the top. Too often alarms have a big list of features such as built in turbo timer, OEM remote options etc etc, yet lose sight of the important bit. An alarm is a security device and if fitted correctly the autowatch does this better then any other alarm in this price range.



Attack proof Security Housing!

The 446RiS/RiSG is the only NZ alarm in its class that has passed Thatchams tests on its security housing. This means that even if the Module is found it is still hard to get inside and by-pass the Immobiliser cuts.

The 446RiS is great for a good install due to its compact size and can be hidden in places that the Mongoose M60/M80 or AVS range simply couldn’t fit. Having said that good installers are about a rare as rocking horse shit so don’t make the assumption that it will be well hidden!

Auto-re-arm Disabled

One annoying design feature with the 446RiS is that it is programmed to auto-re-arm, but not re-lock. This is a horrid design flaw as it allows you to open the door and set the alarm off! I wire all of my installs to prevent the Auto re-arm from happening as nobody likes having a false alarm.

If you want an Autowatch with re-arm and re-lock then you’ll need look at the 446RLi Premium.

Simple 1 button remote does it all.

1 Button Peanut Remote: Battery # CR1220 (X2)

1 Button Peanut Remote


446RiS $520.00 ($650.00 with Ultrasonic Sensors)

446RiSG $595.00 (G stands for Glass Sensor)

Insurance Approved:

AS/NZ Immobiliser 3749-1-2003 Class B Certified

Obsessive Rating: A good insurance approved alarm without pointless features!

Great alarm but the 446RiS lacks is the boot pop option and silent arm from the remote. If these are features which you need then the Dynatron D3600 may be a better option



  • 3 Point Engine Immobiliser
  • Compact Attack Proof Security Housing
  • Speaker Siren
  • Glass Break Sensor (446RiSG only)
  • 2 One Button Remotes
  • Door Open Warning Tones
  • Red Dash Mount LED (Can be changed)


Additional Information:

Diagnostic Alarm Trigger Reports

Changing Remote Batteries

PDF icon446RiS/RiSG User Manual

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26 Responses to Autowatch 446RiS, 446RiSG

  1. Jeremy says:

    Hey again,

    The manual just says the on and off tones can be selected my your autowatch dealer.

    Does this mean I cannot do it myself?



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  3. paulo says:

    Autowatch 446RiS, 446RiSG please provide me price on the two alarme sistems


  4. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Paulo,

    I only sell alarm systems with installation. I also quote on a case by case basis so would need to know the details of what vehicle it would be going into.
    This is why I ask for these details on the Contact Page of the website. That said the RRP is included in the review which should give you a good idea.

    Your IP address shows that you are in Africa and I’m in Wellington New Zealand so I would suggest it maybe a good call to find someone local for a quote.

    PFK Electronics are the manufacturer so you could ask them who your nearest dealer is.

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