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Honda Beat Photo Shoot.

A big thumbs up to Yemo for finding the time to do a photo shoot of the Obsessive Go-Kart this weekend. You can see all the shots and read his write up on the Green Sticker Society blog. Yemo: There … Continue reading

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Autowatch Wireless Reed Switch

With some vehicles, running cables can be a real pain and a major time-consuming event. Motorhomes and boats instantly spring to mind. I’ve certainly uttered some expletives in the past when I’ve pondered just how the hell I’m going to … Continue reading

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New Check Lists for Alarms/Immobilisers

So with the NZSA Star rating system for car alarms and immobilisers now dead and buried it’s been interesting seeing what others are up to. Mongoose has simply adopted the “Star Rating System” as their own and dropped the NZSA … Continue reading

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Alarm Reviews (Not sponsored!)

It’s nearly 3 years since the review section of the blog went live. I’ve had some fantastic feedback over this time about how blunt, honest and useful the reviews have been. One of the main criteria I have is to be upfront … Continue reading

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NZSA fail to front up agian!

Feckless, Incompetent, Useless, Compromised, Corrupt. Does anyone actually have a better word which is not in French that summarises the New Zealand Security Association? It is almost April and as of yet, the NZSA has failed to front up. Either … Continue reading

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Manfeild and the Cobra F430 Challenge.

Whilst some alarm importers offer crap dealer support (along with crap products) others have great communication skills, fantastic technical support and a positive attitude. I can’t speak highly enough about Cobra NZ and the support I’ve had from them over … Continue reading

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Mongoose Remote Warranty?

Last week a customer asked me why Mongoose only offer a 6-month warranty on new remote controls. His existing M60 remote had failed and he wanted reassurance that a replacement remote would not crap out on him again. Most alarm manufactures offer … Continue reading

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Google doesn’t trust the NZSA either!

New Zealand Security Association   I’m sure some of you have heard the recent radio campaign where the New Zealand Security Association claim to be “professionalising the security industry” (If not click here to listen) yet the hard facts are … Continue reading

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Cobra Tilt Sensor

Think how much it would suck to wake up one morning only to find that your wheels had been stolen from your car! Not much fun hey? So how to protect your wheels? Most alarm systems do not protect against … Continue reading

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The Honda Beat on Top Gear!

Here’s a cool YouTube clip from Top Gear featuring the Honda Beat. (Relevant thanks to the Obsessive Go-Kart 😀 ). Honda Beat on Top Gear

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