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LDV V80 Courier Alarm

Last week I finally got to fit a courier alarm into an LDV V80. These vans are starting become a common sight in NZ and I dare say it’ll be the first of many installs I do on this van. … Continue reading

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Cobra Remote: How to test and change the batteries

Do you need to change your Cobra Remote Battery? All Cobra remote controls take one CR2032 Battery. I recommend changing your Cobra remote battery after about 3 years, but if your remote has stopped responding, or the range has dropped … Continue reading

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Modern Car Theft Methods Explained

Keyless Theft – How is it being done? If your car comes with a smart key and push-to-start button it can be a super easy target for a professional car thief. Here I look at some of the modern methods … Continue reading

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Car Alarm/Immobiliser Removal

Car Alarm and Immobiliser removal is one of my specialties. Whilst I would rather install quality¬†systems, there are a huge number of crap unreliable car alarms out there, many of which I have reviewed and suggest should be avoided at … Continue reading

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Mitsubishi Lancer Upgrade Alarm

Mitsubishi Lancer Alarm Options: The final incarnation of Mitsubishi Lancer ran from 2007 until it ceased production in 2017. It came with a key-less entry and immobiliser as standard. Note that the Japanese import models were branded as a Mitsubishi … Continue reading

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Tool Protection and Ute Security

How secure are the tools in the back of your ute? Ute Alarms Most Utes sold in New Zealand do not come with an alarm system. The ones that do fail to cover the load area where your valuable tools … Continue reading

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Trade Vans & Tool Theft Prevention

How safe are the tools in the back of your van? Tool theft prevention is a must for any self-respecting¬†tradesman. I’d hate to think how much it would cost to replace the equipment I keep in my van or how … Continue reading

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Honda Civic Type R Upgrade Alarm

Honda Civic Alarm Installation Two weeks I got my hands on a very tidy 2010 Honda Civic Type R FD2 (The FD2 is the Asia Pacific sedan version of the Civic). There are not many in NZ and it was … Continue reading

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Subaru Impreza Upgrade Alarm

The 3rd generation Subaru Impreza was released in 2007. It addressed most of the security vulnerabilities of the previous generation car. All models now come with a factory immobiliser and the pillar-less windows are gone. Some models even have a … Continue reading

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Fraudulent Alarm Installations!

2nd hand car alarm story If there’s one thing worse then having your car or possessions stolen, it has to be getting ripped off by the person you pay to protect it for you. This morning I got a phone … Continue reading

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