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TX-90 & TX-90T remote controls

The original TX-90T remote was easy to identify due to it’s LED colour which was blue. It worked well but for some reason Australian alarm manufactures Dynamco (Cyclops) have decided to dabble and change the LED to green. To make … Continue reading

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Mitsubishi Triton Upgrade Alarm

The Mitsubishi Triton as it is known here in New Zealand is also know as the L200 in other lands. The current version which was released in 2015 comes with factory keyless entry and immobiliser but lacks an alarm. Last … Continue reading

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Mazda 3 Upgrade alarm

The Mazda 3 (Or Axela as it is called in Japan) was first released in 2003. All New Zealand models have a factory immobiliser but some of the early Generation 1 Japanese Axela (BK Shape) imports did not have any … Continue reading

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Ford Falcon BA/BF Compatible Remote Control

If you have a Ford Falcon BA or BF Model and need a replacement remote control then I now have them in stock. They are super easy to code and will work if your Falcon was manufactured between 2002-2010. BA … Continue reading

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LDV V80 Alarm

The LDV V80 van is becoming quite a common sight on the NZ roads which is quite remarkable give that they have only been on sale here since 2014. It comes with an engine immobiliser and keyless entry as standard … Continue reading

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What is door peeling and how do you protect against it?

Door Peeling, or “Peel and Steal” is a big issue in the UK right now.┬áIt’s a very destructive way to break into a van without triggering the factory alarm (if there even is one). Peeling is the simple act of … Continue reading

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Toyota Hilux Tailgate Lock

The Toyota Hilux does not come with a locking tailgate so I’ve developed a locking module that works with the factory remote. It will work with any current generation Toyota Hilux that uses a handle to open the tailgate. The … Continue reading

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Mazda Demio Topping Theft Lists

The Mazda Demio (also known as the Mazda 2) has been making headlines as the most stolen car in New Zealand. I’m not going to link to any of the usual over-hyped crap reporting outlets, but it’s a big enough … Continue reading

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e-NV200 Obsessive Van upgrade alarm

The Obsessive Van is the first fully electric vehicle that I’ve worked on. As you’d expect I’ve tried to take it to a new level so it’s been a good learning exercise and I’ve come up with some new tricks … Continue reading

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Cobra AK4698 Movement Sensor Deactivation

The following instruction explain how to disable the ultrasonic volumetric sensors and additional movement sensor on a Cobra AK4698 Note: The Additional movement sensor is an option and is to standard equipment. The Ultrasonic Volumeteric Sensor protection must be disabled … Continue reading

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