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Alarm won’t disarm!

There is never a good time for your alarm to fail, but this mornings job was one of the most classic… The phone rings, my distressed customer is a courier driver and her van is illegally parked on Willis Street … Continue reading

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Nissan Qashqia Upgrade Alarm

The Nissan Qashqai comes with a factory fitted immobiliser and keyless entry, but not an alarm. My recommendation is the Cobra AK4615 CAN-BUS upgrade alarm which works flawlessly with the factory remote. Expect a hidden digital battery back-up siren and … Continue reading

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Vodafone Automotive Window Stickers

A small part of me died today when I opened up a AK4615 to find Vodafone Automotive window stickers instead of the old Cobra decals. I’d been hoping this day would never come as I’m not convinced that my customers … Continue reading

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Holiday dates 22nd December to 15th January

It’s that time of year again where the tools get put down and the phone gets switched off. My Summer Holiday starts on the 22nd December and I’m back on the 15th January. Please do not try to contact me … Continue reading

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You don’t need another bloody immobiliser!

Most modern cars already have an immobiliser with a transponder chip fitted into the head of the factory key. These are unobtrusive and super reliable, so adding an after market one on top of the factory system is both pointless … Continue reading

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Away until 26th October

I’m returning to the UK for a week to catch up with family and to celebrate the life of my father who past away earlier this month. It’s been a rather hectic couple of weeks since my last visit to … Continue reading

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Cobra AK4698C Hiace Courier Alarm

The AK4698 has now been developed to work as a Courier alarm for the Toyota Hiace. I’m simply referring to it as the AK4698C (C for Courier) as it is programmed and wired up differently from the conventional alarm. The … Continue reading

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Away From Friday 8th to the 25th of Septemeber

Obsessive Break I’ve just booked a last minute flight to the UK as my Dad is ill in Hospital and it’ll probably be my last chance to see him. Don’t know when I’ll be back at this stage, but I’ll … Continue reading

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Fiat Ducato Upgrade Alarm

The current Fiat Ducato is now in its 3rd generation and was released in 2006. It’s also re-branded and sold as a Peugeot Boxer and a Citroen Jumper. All models come with keyless entry and a transponder immobiliser as standard but … Continue reading

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Courier Alarms

Courier alarms allow you to arm the alarm when the vehicle is still running with the key left in the ignition. Here I offer some advice to save any mishaps, plus I look at some of the more popular courier … Continue reading

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