Alarm won’t disarm!

There is never a good time for your alarm to fail, but this mornings job was one of the most classic…

The phone rings, “My alarm won’t disarm!”

My distressed customer is a courier driver and her van is illegally parked on Willis Street. (No judgement made here as it’s part of being a courier.) It’s rush hour and her alarm remote will not disarm her Cobra alarm. The van is immobilised and the siren is wailing!

Now, this is exactly why you need to know what your alarms over-ride pin number is and how it works. It’s there to disarm the alarm so you can drive away.

To be fair this lady did actually have the PIN code card with her and was sure that her PIN number was 9736, however, the code would not disarm the alarm!

Alarm won't disarm

Ermmmm, somethings not quite right here…..

Card sellotaped to instruction

The real pin code

So it turns out that the dealership who had the alarm installed sellotaped the card to the instructions so it did not get lost. I’d probably make the same assumption looking at how well placed the card was!

Anyway, I disarmed the alarm, with the correct code. Got the van off the street, repaired the old remote (battery terminals needed to be re-soldered), programmed a new remote and changed the PIN number to one of my customers choosing. Job done.

I also noted that a lass who worked at a cafe on Willis Street spotted that my customer was in distress and came over with a free coffee. Some people are awesome 🙂

Job #2

On to the next job. Another alarm where the owner does not have his over-ride pin number. He had called the AA and had tried disconnecting the battery for 10 minutes in an attempt to reset the alarm (I’m not sure where some of the technicians come up with these hair-brained ideas but it happens all the time!)

Of course, this did not work so I then get the call to come to the rescue…

Just another Monday morning!


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4 Responses to Alarm won’t disarm!

  1. Avatar Jamie says:

    Reminds me of that time when I stopped in Eketahuna for a bathroom break, and my Cobra alarm decided to reset itself. Luckily you were on the other end of the phone with the PIN! Definitely a moment of panic, and a lot of eyes my way 🙂

  2. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Jamie,

    Pleased I was about to help that day, hence why I keep a record of each job 🙂
    Always a good idea to keep a record of your pin number and too know how your alarm works.

  3. Avatar Christopher Wilson says:

    I have an alarm that I am assuming is a mongoose due to the remote looking like the ones in the pictures, its a recent vehicle purchase and I was given no details on the alarm.

    This morning, the alarm chirps as though its been disabled, but the alarm, horn and lights go off as soon as the door is opened, and the car is still also immobilized if you turn the key.

    There is now also a red flashing lighjt on the dash board, that looks the shape of a key, as well as the blue flashing light that is on top of the steering column

    What do I have to do to fix this?

  4. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Christopher,

    The flashing red light that looks like a ket will be the factory transponder immobiliser. If you are in Wellington then give me a call or fill in the contact form with your details.


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