AK4615 Disabling Ultrasonic Sensors

New Zealand Product Range

New Zealand Product Range

The following instruction explain how to disable the ultrasonic sensors on a Cobra AK4615 and AK4625

  • Turn the ignition off
  • Within 5 seconds press the emergency panel push button and keep it pressed until the LED flashes X times.

It will flash once, then twice, then 3 times. Keep your finger on the button until the LED flashes the desired number of times for the sensor you wish to disable:

  1.  Releasing the push button after one flash confirms that the ultrasonic sensors have been disabled.
  2. By keeping the push button until it flashes twice disables the optional additional sensor input. (Note that the ultrasonic sensors are back on at this stage.
  3. Keeping the push button until it flashes three times disables both the ultrasonic sensors and the additional sensor input.

Note: The selected sensors will remain disabled for the one arming cycle. They will be automatically restored at the next arming.

Here is a video for those who don’t like reading!

If you have the optional Cobra Remote programmed to your AK4600 Series alarm you can use button A of the remote to disable the sensors. Details here…

The instructions also work for the Cobra AB3868 but the LED will only flash one time but disable the ultrasonic sensors for that one arm cycle.


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