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I set up Obsessive Vehicle Security in April 2008 after gaining my NZ residency.

Since I started installing Car security in Cambridge in the UK back in 1997 I have been lucky enough to work for number of good companies (as well as the usual array of Muppets!) from which I have been able to learn different aspects of my trade. I am fortunate because the job which I love has enabled to immigrate to New Zealand and enjoy the fantastic life style that is on offer here.

Breaking the mould…

The original idea of this Blog was simply to document some of the more interesting challenges of my work and to give others an in site into what I enjoy doing. It has however quickly evolved into a space where you can find out about car security issues, news and reviews which would not be possible on a formal website.

Your Blog too…

If you have an interesting story or would like to add a post then please let me know. So long as it is relevant and makes a valid point then please contact me.

I hope you enjoy what I have to say and I am more than happy for you to leave feedback and post questions on this site.

For more information check out the official website www.vehiclesecurity.co.nz



22 Responses to About The Obsessive Vehicle Security Blog

  1. Graham says:

    I have spent the last 8 hours trying to install a 2600 into my sons RX7 Series 6. What a pain of a job! I have checked all the wiring….twice.
    The problem is as soon as I turn the siren on (Battery back up) it wont shut up. If I hold the fob button for a few seconds it stops for about a minute and off it goes again.
    I connected the red wire onto a 12V constant supply as the instructions say. Everything seems normal. Is it doing this because I have yet to do the two stage immobiliser?
    I’m giving up and might take it to someone now.
    Over the years Iv’e installed Dynatron’s etc and never had a problem. I think I might just be useless now!
    Any advise?

  2. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Graham,

    Where do I start? I’ll try not to offend you here but I need to be blunt just the same. You’ve found my website and must have read the review of the Uniden VX2600 which basically says it’s a piece of crap! For crying out loud, a car like a RX-7 is a high risk vehicle when it comes to theft so why would you not opt for a decent alarm system?

    My advice is to start again with a decent alarm and a professional install. Have a read of the following posts that explain what to look for:
    Remote controls

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