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I set up Obsessive Vehicle Security in April 2008 after gaining my NZ residency.

Since I started installing Car security in Cambridge in the UK back in 1997 I have been lucky enough to work for number of good companies (as well as the usual array of Muppets!) from which I have been able to learn different aspects of my trade. I am fortunate because the job which I love has enabled to immigrate to New Zealand and enjoy the fantastic life style that is on offer here.

Breaking the mould…

The original idea of this Blog was simply to document some of the more interesting challenges of my work and to give others an in site into what I enjoy doing. It has however quickly evolved into a space where you can find out about car security issues, news and reviews which would not be possible on a formal website.

Your Blog too…

If you have an interesting story or would like to add a post then please let me know. So long as it is relevant and makes a valid point then please contact me.

I hope you enjoy what I have to say and I am more than happy for you to leave feedback and post questions on this site.

For more information check out the official website www.vehiclesecurity.co.nz


22 Responses to About The Obsessive Vehicle Security Blog

  1. Avatar Kris says:

    Hi Julian,

    I’m looking at getting an alarm fitted in my 2000 Honda Accord.

    I would like to have it installed by you as i don’t want any crappy installations. The only problem is I’m in Auckland. Any idea where I can an alarm properly installed on this side of the country?



  2. Avatar Julian says:

    Hi Kris,

    I’d consider Wellington to be on “This side of the country”. It only 7-8 hours drive and is on the right side of the cook straight!

    If you don’t fancy the drive then give Kishor at Autowatch a call (I used to work with him so can vouch for his ability) and make it clear that you want a stealth install: 021670444

  3. Avatar Dennis says:

    Just to say thanks for a job well done today.
    For those reading, Julian installed the Cobra AK4198 system in my lil ole VW Lupo this afternoon and I cannot say enough good things about the results of this install. If you’re serious about getting an alarm installed then you just can’t go past Obsessive Vehicle Security ! I love it and hope the car breakers-in don’t !! Thumbs up Julian.

  4. Avatar Jono says:

    Hi Julian,

    Im looking at getting a Mazda Atenza that i think just come standard with central locking and no alarm as such.

    Was wondering what type of alarm you would recommend for it. Budget wise lets say around $400-500ish.

    I like the Dynatron style with the transponder feature. But understand that the battery backup siren is partly its downfall? So would hiding the siren somewhat but still make it accessible for me to disable?

    Ive got a Mongoose on my current car but yeah, deff not as good as the D7800 i had on a previous car.

    Any thoughts or recommendations would be much appreciated!!


  5. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Jono,

    First thing to do is see if the Atenza has a transponder Immobiliser, some do but most don’t. The easy test is to get some tin foil and cover the plastic part of the key. If the car won’t run then you’ll already have an Immobiliser.
    Assuming that you don’t have an Immobiliser then the Dynatron 7 Series is a nice alarm to live with, but personally I’d avoid the Dynatron battery back-up siren and opt for the D7600 and hide the siren, the D7600 with a good install is still going to be more effective then a half arsed installed 5 star system plus will be in your budget range.
    I like to modify the security housing on the Dynatron as well!

  6. Avatar Jono says:

    Thanks Julian!

    Always helpful!

    I am yet to finalise the Atenza, but say the one I end up getting does have the factory transponder immobiliser – what alarm set up would you suggest?


  7. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Jono,

    If there is an existing Immobiliser then personally I’d be going with the Cobra AK4198, however if you wanted a cheaper option then it maybe worth considering the Autowatch 279RL or the AVS 3010 – Both of which can have additional sensors added. I’ll email you with the details.


  8. Avatar Excel says:

    Hi Julian,

    I also have some interesting stories to share and would like to post it on your site regarding GPS tracking installations and others.

    Just let me know.

    cheers too!


  9. Avatar Julian says:

    Hi Excel,

    Go for it!

    I’ll await your comments and may move them to a more suitable page (or even start a new post for that matter).


  10. Avatar Excel says:

    Hi Julian,

    Thank you.

    We’ve had C-Class Merc 204 model installations whereby some the trims that cover the weather strip of the rear right door would be difficult to remove (the trim that is located at the lower portion of the weather strip). The result would be damaging the trim.

    So, we take caution on that part, always use a trim remover and try to remove it slowly.


  11. Avatar Julian says:

    Hi Excel,

    I know what you mean about some trims being very easy to damage. BMW sill trims can be shocking. I remember installing a CD changer for my local BMW dealer back in the UK. BMW were clearly aware that the clips would break as the CD changer came with new clips included in the pack!!!

  12. Avatar excel says:

    Hi Julian,

    You’re absolutely right there, Julian. These European clips are so strong that when it grips the trims (on that C-200 204 which has very sharp edges that holds the trim),it is too difficult to remove them.

    Seems that the manufacturers designed these trims NOT to be removed!!!

  13. Avatar SS says:

    Hi Julian,

    Sorry to be a pain. Got some questions for you. I have a 2006 Mazda Axela/Mazda 3. Does this one have the canbus technology? if so which alarm would you recommend? I would like one with the optional tilt sensor/stage 2 shock sensor. If it doesn’t then what traditional alarms would you recommend? Many Thanks. SS

  14. Julian Julian says:

    Hi SS,

    You’ve asked the same question on the Autowatch 458RL page. Please go there for my reply.

  15. Avatar Billy says:

    Hi Julian

    Do you reccommend the optional shock sensor on the Dynatron/Dynamco/Cyclops/Paralyser 3600/375/P375 or do you feel these are too prone to false alarms and the standard glass break detector and armed entry points are sufficient in protecting the vehicle?

    Thanks for your time and effort

  16. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Billy,

    Personally I’m not a fan of shock sensors. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen an alarm with one set off by a motor bike, or a truck passing by.
    False alarms are needless noise pollution that we are all better off without and shock sensors are one of the biggest culprets!

    Tilt sensors are a great way to protect you wheels and your car from getting towed. Also Ultrasonics are much more effective then any glass break sensor.

  17. Avatar Wennie Comision says:

    Hi Julian,

    I bought import 2008 Nissan Skyline 370GT Im wondering how good is the factory alarm which has a Warning and Anti Theft in the sticker on the body.If these is not enough
    to protect my car what would be the good upgrade if I have to that you can recommend. I was looking at something like C3-RS 1100 AUTOPAGE it looks nice. I want something that does not duplicate the factory one. If so how much is the installation fee.
    Please advice me of your idea.
    Thank you very much


  18. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Wennie,

    I’ve edited your phone number out as this page is open to the public.

    In regards to your 370GT, I’d need to see the car to comment. My 2006 Nissan Wingroad (Jap import) had “Anti theft” stickers, yet the alarm was very basic and had no immobiliser.

    First off, do you know if your 370GT has a factory transponder immobiliser?
    If it does then that is a good start and something like the Cobra AK4615 CAN-BUS alarm would be compatible. I certainly wouldn’t consider an Autopage remote start system as it would compromise the factory security.

    I also only install systems that I supply. This post explains why: Why I won’t install your alarm.

    If you want a more detailed response and options then flick me a private email.


  19. Avatar Azizi says:

    My car alarm remote broken. Can it be replace with the new? For your info. I’m in Malaysia. My car type – Toyota Estima. Year make – 2007

  20. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Azizi,

    Apart from not knowing what make and model of remote you have, I only cover Wellington and do not offer international sales.

  21. Avatar Graham says:

    I have spent the last 8 hours trying to install a 2600 into my sons RX7 Series 6. What a pain of a job! I have checked all the wiring….twice.
    The problem is as soon as I turn the siren on (Battery back up) it wont shut up. If I hold the fob button for a few seconds it stops for about a minute and off it goes again.
    I connected the red wire onto a 12V constant supply as the instructions say. Everything seems normal. Is it doing this because I have yet to do the two stage immobiliser?
    I’m giving up and might take it to someone now.
    Over the years Iv’e installed Dynatron’s etc and never had a problem. I think I might just be useless now!
    Any advise?

  22. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Graham,

    Where do I start? I’ll try not to offend you here but I need to be blunt just the same. You’ve found my website and must have read the review of the Uniden VX2600 which basically says it’s a piece of crap! For crying out loud, a car like a RX-7 is a high risk vehicle when it comes to theft so why would you not opt for a decent alarm system?

    My advice is to start again with a decent alarm and a professional install. Have a read of the following posts that explain what to look for:
    Remote controls

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