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Update 2020

As of 5th February 2020, Dynatron NZ is in Liquidation.



Dynatron NZ was an Auckland based company who specialise in the supply and installation of vehicle security systems.

Since 2013 Dynatron has been importing Kodinis Raktas alarms that are made in Lithuania and re-branding them as Dynatron Digital.

Up until 2013, the Dynatron range of alarms was imported from Dynamco Pty Ltd who are based in Perth, Western Australia and Manufactured in China.

Dynamco alarms are also sold as Paralyser and Cyclops by other importers. Below are the list of models and the various names they are given.

Remote Alarm/Immobilisers

Dynatron 3 Series

Dynatron D3400 = Cyclops/Paralyser P355
Dynatron D3600 = Cyclops/Paralyser P375
Dynatron D3800 = Cyclops/Paralyser P385

Dynatron 7 Series

Dynatron D7400 = Cyclops/Paralyser P755
Dynatron D7600 = Cyclops/Paralyser P775
Dynatron D7800 = Cyclops/Paralyser P785

Upgrade Alarms

Dynatron 4 Series

Dynatron D4400 = Cyclops/Paralyser P455
Dynatron D4600 = Cyclops/Paralyser P475
Dynatron D4800 = Cyclops/Paralyser P485

Transponder Immobiliser

D2200 = Cyclops/Paralyser P205

Note: As of 1st January 2013 Dynatron NZ have not been able to supply any Dynamco stock to me. Due to this I have been forced to order stock elsewhere.

If you wish to purchase a Dynamco alarm or remote then please be aware that I reserve the right to refer to it by its past Dynatron model numbers to save any confusion.



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4 Responses to About Dynatron

  1. Avatar Ruben Skoljarev says:


    I have a Cyclops (2005) P385 system installed in my car, with all features wired and working perfectly.
    2 circuit immobiliser, blinkers, door sensors, boot sensor, bonnet sensor, bb siren, window closer, boot release.

    I have seen a catalogue where the same loom is compatible with P3xx and P7xx so I think the wiring in my car could be left as is and I could just replace the main unit and remotes to a 7 series.

    My questions are:
    Can I unplug the main unit and replace it with a 7 series one keeping all wiring as is?
    How does the boot release work on the 7 series, do I need to first disarm the system to then open the boot with the second button?
    Or does the second button opens the boot and disarms the system in one hit?
    Where do I buy a 7 series online?

    Many thanks,

  2. Julian Julian says:

    Given your IP address I assume that you live across the ditch. If you contact Dynamco Australia for support and sales.

    Yes the both units share the same plugs, but you can keep your P385 and add transponder coil and board to it as the systems are modular and the extras can simply be plugged in.

  3. Avatar Ian Hammond says:

    I have a Paralyse 785 car alarm system installed in Tauranga.
    I have been having battery drain prolems & our service centre always says its an alarm problem.
    I had the AA break down out early this week & he check system & said all was good.
    I took it to our service plave & they also ran test & said all is okay.
    Do you know approx. how much current drain this will have with car locked and alarm set?

  4. Julian Julian says:

    According to the manual, the P785 draws 5 to 15mA when armed. However, the battery backup siren on the P785 is crap and normally fails after a couple of years. I’d not be surprised if it pulls more. Would need to test the alarm in the car to confirm either way.

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