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AVS Product Range

AVS Product Range

The name AVS is an abbreviation of “Advanced Vehicle Security” which sounds good but is actually an oxymoron, as most AVS alarms appear to be re-branded RhinoCo Technology products.

RhinoCo lack some of the fundamental basics of any good security system such as an attack proof immobiliser security case, or PIN code protected remote coding. AVS also re-brand Tytan alarm systems.

Re-branded alarm systems

Re-branded alarm systems

AVS is owned by Manta Electronics based in Auckland. They claim to be 100% Kiwi.

Most AVS alarms are named after the failed New Zealand Security Assoiciation “star rating” system which the NZSA walked away from in April 2012. For Example AVS S5 (5 Star), S4 (4 star), S3 (3 star).

AVS often advertise in Magazines such as NZ Perfomance Car.



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