535T Window Closure Module

Viper Product Range

Viper Product Range

The 535T Window Automation System is one of the most versatile window closure systems I have come across. It can be configured to close 4 windows or to open and close 2 windows.

In the later mode the 535T also offers one touch roll up and roll down when the ignition is turned on. This works by simply pressing the window switch quickly then releasing it. You can still have normal control over how far the windows roll up or down with an extended press of the switch.

Normally the windows closure would be activated by the alarm arming, however there are other options such as using an Aux output so the system can be customised to suit your needs.

The unit also supports window venting. This allows you to open the windows to a pre-programmed level with a short press of the alarms Aux button. An extended press will fully open the windows.

535T Window Automation System


Suggested Retail Price: $190.00 (Not suitable for all vehicles)

Obsessive Rating:
About as good as window closure module gets. If you have a 4 door car then you can install two of them for total control!

Delayed input is also an option which would delay the window closure until the mirrors fold in for example.


4 Window Mode Features:

  • 4 Window Closure only mode.

2 Window Mode Features:

  • 2 Window up and down
  • Window Venting (Part opening)
  • One Touch closure with Ignition on


  • Full Closure on alarm trigger
  • Delayed Input



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3 Responses to 535T Window Closure Module

  1. Alonzo says:

    Will this work on a 2016 Toyota Tundra TRD pro? Is there a video on how to do the install?

  2. Julian Julian says:

    I don’t know as the Toyota Tundra is not a vehicle that we have here in New Zealand.

  3. Ernesto says:

    Toyota Tundra Yes no problem, I use the 530T I’m sure the 535 will work

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