2012 Highlights

The new year resolution to try and keep the blog updated on a regular basis has been a challenge as 2013 has been mega busy so far! This at least is my excuse for taking so long to post the 2012 review.

Now the one thing that really struck home in 2012 is how much I despise lobby groups. You know the organisations that claim to be doing the right thing, when in reality all they want to do is look after their own interests and will stop at nothing to pull the wool over our eyes.

The End of the NZSA 5 Star Car Alarm Rating System!

5 star car alarms!After many years of blackmailing car alarm installers into paying membership fees, misleading the public about installer qualifications and having no clue at all about what makes a security system effective, it was rather satisfying to finally see the back of the NZSA.

I’ve asked the NZSA why their website claims the MTA have taken over the star rating system when it has not, along with why they have not informed the insurance companies that they no longer represent vehicle security standards.

The response was that they do not have the budget to do so. They do however have enough money to run a national radio campaign  claiming that the NZSA is “Professionalising the Security Industry”. Tossers!

MTA WOF Campaign

MTASpeaking of the MTA, they have proven to be another group with a vested interest.

According to the latest news all vehicles made before Jan 2000 will still have to have a Warrant of Fitness test every six months, where as vehiles made after this date will now have a test every 12 months once over 3 years old.

Personally I’m gutted that the government have not introduced a testing system based on distance travelled. Even new cars will have tyre and brake wear if hitting high distance so the idea that vehicles made before 2000 need testing more often then post 2000 cars does not make sense. Most older cars will either be well cared for or tend to be retired from use as they are no longer economical to keep.

Can anyone explain to me why a car that only travels low KM’s needs to be tested every 6 months? Take my Honda Beat for example, it is 21 years old and only has 68000 KM on the clock. The average distance it travels per year is just short of 3240 KM, yet it still needs a test it twice a year.

Still I’ll be the first to admit that the new rules are better then the old system that the MTA were selfishly pushing to keep. If anyone knows of a WOF tester who is not a MTA member then please let me know as I would rather give my business to them!

Most Popular Blog Post about Cats!

Kitten1The Kitten Blaster proved to be the most popular blog post of the year and given the recent comments from Gareth Morgan it would seem I’m not the only one who views the number of cats we have as a problem.

Personally I think as an absolute minimum all cats should have to wear a bell, preferably one of the big heavy types you find in church towers!

On a more serious note listening to the Campbell live interview it was very clear that the Bob Kerridge from the SPCA was another selfish, uneducated moron who has no rational argument and is in complete denial!

Moving on from my ranting about useless groups it’s time to see who was the biggest tosser in 2012!

Tosser of the Year!

abtec nzFor once someone other then the useless Greg Watts at the NZSA has taken the crown of Tosser of the year, which is quite an achievement as Greg really is a hard act to follow!

So the shameful title of Tosser of 2012 goes to Ashley Burrell, the owner of Abtec who took out a Google Adwords campaign claiming to be Obsessive Vehicle Security.

Still I’ll take it as a complement that he attempted to trade on my name, even though he has acted like a parasitic worm!

Now for the positive stuff 🙂

Best New Alarm in 2012

Cobra LogoNo contest on this. The Cobra AK4615 was the clear winner. Wireless Siren, CAN-BUS and Plip programmable and the option of a Cobra Remote. It was always going to take some beating.

Having said that the only other alarm I can think of that came out in 2012 was the AVS A5, which is not really a new model as it’s just an A4 with a glass break sensor, and it’s rubbish!

Supplier of the Year

Ferrari Track DayOnce again Cobra NZ take the honours for taking me for a blat around Manfeild in the Ferrari F430 challenge.

It was a class way to spend the day and very much appreciated.

Did I mention that the F430 has now been updated to a 458 Challenge? I’ll have to post some photos of it soon as it is a gorgeous looking machine.

I’m thinking my other suppliers need to buck their ideas up in 2013. Although I’ve noted that Kishor at Autowatch NZ is always good quality when it come to getting a round of beers in 🙂



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