2012: Bring it on…

Honda Beat Wellington

Can’t “Beat” Wellington on a good day

Well, I hope everyone had a great summer break, even if the weather turned to crap towards the end of it! Still, it started off well and Wellington on Xmas day was simply magical.

You Can’t Beat Wellington on a good day!

No wind, no clouds and best of all no traffic as most people had already got away. I had my camera on me so got a couple of photos of the day, one of which looked perfect for a new header for the website.

Can't beat Wellington

Warlocks don’t work on these!

Hopefully, a photo of Wellington will help drill it into some of the Jafa’s out there where I’m located, plus has the bonus of being honest. It’s the Beat after all (all 660cc of grunt) and not some Lambo or Ferrari which we all know that most installers never get to play with. Yet despite this, they have a deluded idea that having a photo of one will give some cred!

Another wish car!

Anyway no naming a shaming here (although You’re welcome to name them in the comment section) but here’s a couple of snips of what I’ve seen on other sights recently!

Refreshed and in good Health

What I’m loving most about this year is that I have not got a dislocated finger (8th Jan 2011 was a painful day!) to worry about. Hell, I really don’t know how I managed last year as I couldn’t even tear insulation tape without a knife!

2012: Bring it on: Can’t beat Wellington when it comes to car security…


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2 Responses to 2012: Bring it on…

  1. Avatar Trev says:

    Being in Wellington doesn’t make it very easy for us to get you to do all our installs though! ­čśÇ

  2. Avatar Julian says:

    Hi Trev,

    I’m guessing that you’re in Auckland, it’s only about 8 hours away plus Wellington is right in the Centre of NZ :mrgreen:

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