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Your Car Alarm & Vehicle Security Specialist

If you need a car alarm, immobilser, central locking system or a GPS tracking/alert pager for your vehicle then you've come to the right place.

I supply and install car security systems throughout the Wellington region providing a full mobile installation service at your location.

Why Obsessive Vehicle Security?

Anyone can attempt to install a car security system, but very few people do it well!

My goal is not to simply sell you a car alarm, but to secure your vehicle effectively.

Find out more about me, what sets me apart from the competition and what I can offer you...

How Effective is Your Immobiliser?

An immobiliser is designed to prevent your vehicle being hotwired.

Some of the well-known brands can often be defeated in seconds despite claims that they are insurance approved or "Star rated"!

If you require, or have an existing immobiliser or an alarm that has an immobiliser built in then read this post that explains how effective the main brands are.

What is CAN-BUS?

Cobra CAN-BUS CAN-BUS alarm Autowatch CANBUS alarms

CAN-BUS alarms integrate with the complex electronic systems found in most new Vehicles. Full details here...

Which CAN-BUS systems should you consider?

Cobra and Autowatch are my recommended systems. See if your Vehicle is listed below:

Cobra CAN-BUS Vehicle list...

Autowatch CAN-BUS Vehicle list...

Which car alarms are the best?

Don't get misled by some of the marketing spin put out to achieve a quick sale. It's important to understand what makes a car alarm effective. I aim to be honest and explain things in plain English so you can make an informed decision.

It's also worth remembering that even the best security system is only as good as the installation!

Your guide to making a good decision and getting the best value for money for your vehicles security...

Modern Vehicle Theft Methods

Push To Start Car Theft

Keyless cars are becoming increasing vulnerable to modern theft methods.

Find out why vehicle theft is becoming easier and how it is happening...

car alarm reviews

Find out which systems are most effective and why.

Full list of Reviewed Alarms and Immobilisers...

Fully Electric Van

Electric Van Wellington

The Obsessive Van is 100% Electric which makes it good for the environment.

As you'd expect it has a top of the line security system too...

0 Theft Guarantee

stop car theft

Being the official Autowatch dealer for Wellington I am able to offer you a unique Anti-Theft Guarantee. Now that's vehicle security you really can have confidence in.